PILOT NI NAROU! (Psx Japan Only)

Wing Over is the name given to a secret competition held each year between the world's most highly trained pilots. The game originated during the Gulf War when many pilots confirmed they suffered from stress and nervous energy during the periods they were not operational. These pilots discussed ways to overcome their problem and devised a set of rules for a world competition that would relieve their stress.

The solution was an international athletic pageant, a simulated air battle under strict rules and guidelines. Teams consisting of four members of both mechanics and pilots travel through eight different countries each year, to fight air battles and compete for an overall total score.

Wing Over puts you in the cockpit of these teams, for head-to-head dog-fighting action against some of the world's most sophisticated fighter planes including the Spitfire MK1, Mirage III, Focker DR1, F/A-18A Hornet, Saab Draken and A10 Thunder Bolt. Four different types of gameplay will challenge the most educated flight sim addicted, from the arcade style "Free Game Mode" to the in-depth perils of "Versus Mode".

Battle against each team in breathtaking backgrounds and landscapes with locations from the United States to the freezing Antarctic.

Offering much more than quick fire flight sims, Wing Over demands strict game player disciplines where teamwork and careful planning are the order. Individual heroics will no longer be enough for victory, players must take into consideration the safety of their crew members, budgeting their winnings for fighter upgrades and clever tactics to survive in this Brave New World.

Both flying lessons and missions take place in random conditions. Relying on the aircraft apparatus is essential in thick fog while at night all around is blackened out apart from a row of landing lights. Other environments include bright sunshine, dawn, cloudy days and a most impressive stormy condition where lightening streaks across the sky and momentarily flashes over the ground.

There are several viewing angles which are rear, chase, target, fly by and cockpit... probably the most sensible when learning. After each lesson or mission a replay is available which may be fast forwarded by using the shoulder buttons.

Wing Over 2 is two games in one. First there is the Recipro Course and then the Jet Course. I suggest playing in that order as the Jet planes are much more difficult to control.

The Staff Room is used to browse through your training record as progression is made.

The Student Office is the place to go first for a temporary job. The credits earned for performing these tasks is used to pay for your training. Simple tasks involve delivering a food parcel to Fisherman's Park in a light plane for 1000 Credits. Medial employment includes taking a bunch of tourists on an island flight for 2000 Credits. Tasks eventually move towards sinking a fleet of war ships while under enemy attack from the air for a huge 5000 Credits. The sixteen jobs gradually open up as you progress through the flying lessons.

Next, visit the receptionist to pay your tuition fee before moving on to the Briefing Room for a description of the upcoming session. Lessons are divided into 4 stages with 4 sections to each stage. At the end of each group of lessons you will be tested on what you have learned and then rated accordingly.

* Full 360' freedom of movement
* Dual Shock & analog flight stick compatible
* unique virtual cockpit
* over 20 state-of-the-art aircraft
* challenging ground & air based missions
* intelligent foes /increased AI
* ultra-realistic styling
* new weapon-cam view
* ground based targets including Rapier missile
systems and battle cruisers
* enhanced game engine
* weather conditions including cloud level,
thunderstorms, and blinding sun
* buy, sell, and trade your favorite planes & weapons
* awesome ordinance - cluster bombs, Phoenix missiles, torpedoes etc.


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