“Silent Hill” and “Kindergarten Cop” evidences

“Silent Hill” and the movie “Kindergarten Cop” shares the same plots and ambientation.

You may have already seen this pic somewhere else, or know the story behind.

But this is still bouncing around the web and i like to create a little article about this one.

Back in 2017 reddit user Pixelmasterz uploaded a series of pics side by side, of “Silent Hill” (1999) and “Kindergarten cop” (1990).

As you can see, its almost clear that the developer hardly based the game on the movie and digging a little bit more, one can find the plots on the game were based on the movie as well.

Silent Hill was developed in Japan and Konami needed a reference to make an american school, so they used the movie.

Totally interesting if one is looking for starting points about games developing or just for create new cool creepy pastas.



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