1) Upload

Q: How can I upload ?
A :You need to register,then press the button on the top right side

2) Lost password

Q: I forgot my email and password. How can I log in again?
A: You have to click here. Otherwise contact us at: sticazziware@gmail.com

Q2: I can’t verify my account. OR I didn’t receive the verification email. Why?
A2: Please check your email’s spam folder. Otherwise, please contact us here sticazziware@gmail.com

3) Video

Q: Can I Post videos ?
A: Yes

4) Categories

Q: Can I create a new category ?
A: At the moment all our categories are curated. Setting up categories make it easier to explore content and find stories that are connected to particular interests and passions.

5) About

Q: Who we are ?
A: We are 2 retro computing and digital arts enthusiasts. Our goal is to spread out the knowledge about old generation hardwares and softwares as well.

If you encounter some issues, contact us at sticazziware@gmail.com

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