Vaporwave Subgenres and Little Story

What is Vaporwave?

Vaporwave is a musical genre and art that emerged in the early 2010’s on the internet. It is characterized by a nostalgic or surrealist fascination. It takes influences from 80s and 90s commercials and pop music culture, combining it with music which is often sampled, pitched, layered or altered into its own style.

Apparently Daniel Lopatin started and inspired the movement with this video:

Then he later released Ecco Jam:

under the name of Chuck Person, he definetly begun to inspire differents artists such as:

James Ferraro:

Ramona Xavier aka Macintosh plus :

Floral shoppe its probably the album, wich mostly rappresent the vaporwave genre.

So shortly after the Floral Shoppe success, several artist beguns to create their vaporwave albums, trying to mantain the main style and also copying the aesthetic and improving it, adding some others graphics retro elements as they influenced the music. Initially albums were distribuited on cassette tapes, but this didnt stop people to rip’em all and upload on the internet.

Expecially on Bandcamp, as the genre grown popularity, people also used to uploads low effort remixed music with basic chop and screw style, claim their works were vaporwave music, so slowly it becames a meme, something to laugh on.

There were posts in monotype style, “aesthetic” was written everywhere, the genre was loosing the real meaning, and suddendly someone begun to claim vaporwave was dead, sentence wich became a meme itself.

Luckily the vapor community splinted into cells mixing with other music styles, creating different subgenres and today’s artist still explore and experiment into vaporwave style, sometimes adding more meanings to the music and the movement.

Blank Banshee (vaporwave + trap):

The style (mostly the graphic side of vaporwave) was also included and mixed with different medias such as, animations movies or games, all merged into new digital artworks.

A typical example its the Simpsonwave:




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